Meet The Team

Team of Associates

Prof. Comfort Nkambule
Medicinal Chemistry Research Group, Tshwane University of Technology

My group’s research interests lie in synthetic method development and novel drug discovery approaches.

    Dr. Jackson Marakalala
    TB Immunopathogenesis Group, University College London

    Research in the Marakalala lab seeks to identify host factors that drive immunopathogenesis during TB progression. We utilize molecular histology techniques on human lung tissues to characterize different stages of granuloma development. Targeting pathways associated with granuloma collapse and tissue destruction can be exploited for development of host-directed therapies against TB. We are also interested in mycobacterial genes that are conditionally essential for bacterial survival within the host.

      Dr Lukhanyo Mekuto
      Bioprocess Engineering Research Group University of Johannesburg

      My research is concerned with the application of extremophilic bacteria and fungi in the biotransformation of complex bioactive scaffolds into more novel efficacious entities that can be used against a range of communicable and non-communicable diseases such as TB and cancer respectively.

        Dr. Marshall Keyster
        Environmental Biotechnology Research Group, University of the Western Cape.

        My research revolves around the utilization of endophytes in plant pathogen biocontrol and plant hormone production.

          Dr Rehana Malgus-Enus
          RME-Nano Research Group, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science Stellenbosch University

          Research in the laboratory of Dr Rehana Malgus-Enus focuses on the formation and stability of metal nanoparticles in order to facilitate nanoparticle engineering for specific applications. To date her lab has explored nanoparticle applications in catalysis, wastewater treatment via dyes degradation, anti-cancer treatment and most recently, the treatment of exaggerated blood clotting. She is currently co-supervising Raeesa Hussan and Kudzanai Tapfuma.



            Dr. Tammy Robinson
            Marine Invasion Biology Research Group, Stellenbosch University

            My work focuses on understanding how marine alien species are spread along our coast and factors that regulate their success. This work supports evidence-based management that aims to minimize the impacts of alien species.

              Dr. Monique Williams
              Mycobacterial Physiology Group, University of Cape Town

              My group’s research is aimed at better understanding the physiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We utilize a combination of mycobacterial genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry to study the pathogen’s metabolism. A major focus of our work is studying cofactor biosynthetic pathways in mycobacteria and elucidating the role that these pathways play in pathogenesis.


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